About Us

About Us

Database Support Services Limited have been running since April 2007, providing database administration support and development.

This has included support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB, Tibero, and MariaDB.

We specialise in providing proactive remote database administration, utilising our Custodian*24 infrastructure monitoring software and the ServiceNow ticketing system.

There are two main remote database support packages: RDB Resolve (covers normal working hours Mon-Fri, 07:00 - 19:00, excluding bank holidays) and RDB Manage (covers 24 by 7 support).

For both of these support packages, we expect our clients to treat us as their DBA team, thus we perform all required DBA tasks during the relevant coverage times.  

Typical examples of our tasks include responding proactively to a raised alert; responding to a request via a ticket raised from the client; assisting with performance tuning; or upgrading / patching a database during an agreed implementation window.

In addition to our main remote support packages, we also offer various consultancy and other bespoke services.

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